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How InteList Works?

Why do merchants need InteList to sell on JET?

When you log in to your account on JET, you will realize that JET does not provide administrator panel to manage orders and inventory. JET expects merchants to create their own infrastructure that can effectively handle listings, orders and inventory.

JET expects merchants to do one of these:

  • Develop their own back-end (which requires months of hard work for even a skilled developer, and monthly system maintenance as JET regularly adjusts and updates their API
  • Use one of many very expensive third party companies that offer integration with Jet

This is where InteList can help – a cost-effective solution for merchants to sell on JET right away.

How does InteList work?

InteList is an interface that permits merchants to interact with their JET account. It has a ready to use panel that can help them to connect to their account, doing away with the need to develop one on their own.

Apart from offering all the basic product listing functionalities, InteList provides many more features, such as managing order, inventory & customer data, and generating performance reports and interactive dashboards, etc.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Jet can be a bit tricky, but InteList can be a great help along the process. Get started by following these steps:

If you don’t have a merchant account on JET yet, you can request for a Jet partner account through this link at Jet Partner Portal. When you apply, make sure that you review and sign the Jet Retail Partner Agreement. Authentication usually takes 1 – 2 weeks. In case of any registration issues, please contact the Jet team at When registering, in the section “How you are going to connect with JET marketplace?” you need to choose the ‘other’ option and type InteList.
Once you have got approval and have a merchant account on JET, you will need an InteList account. Get in touch with us by filling out a registration form at
InteList support team will help you in submitting your products to JET. We have numerous options to import your products, such as Excel/CSV file import, and other methods of synchronization.
It usually takes anywhere between one to four weeks for JET to review and approve your merchandise. When your listings go live, use InteList panel to manage your inventory, orders, returns, and more. If you select a third party fulfillment centre or any other orders management software, we can provide assistance with the integration.

What’s the amount of commission fee charged by

Jet charges 15% base commission, as per Jet’s partner agreement. Though this rate might change depending on the product category. For example, merchants selling appliances on Jet pay a 15% commission on all products sold that are under $300, and 8% on all products above that limit.

What is commission fees?

InteList does NOT charge any commission fees. It also does not require you to make long-term commitments. The membership is monthly, and merchants can cancel their account at any point of time. There is no setup fees, and there are no limitations imposed on the order amount or InteList stored SKU.

Who says setup has to be difficult? Give InteList, the Listing API tool, a try. Sign up today!

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