InteList – The Intelligent Listing API
to Set Up Product Feed To Jet.Com

InteList - Intelligent Product Listing

List Your Products for Sale on Jet.Com Marketplace

InteList – A quick and easy way to start selling on Marketplace, giving you a seamless interface between your product catalogs, order management and reporting systems, and Jet platform, your high-volume selling destination — all from one central location.

With InteList, you can:

Create & Manage Listings on Jet Platform

  • Bulk List your SKUs on marketplace in any data feed format
  • Personalize product descriptions, pricing and shipping attributes for each product, enable shipping exclusions
  • Easily manage categories, and parent-child/multi-variation products
  • Mass upload your images to InteList
  • Add, edit, delete, archive, re-list sold/unsold items in bulk; Schedule listings
  • Add supplementary specific item details and attribute fields for your products and templates
  • Filter /search to figure out which products are yet to be listed
Additional Features

Manage Order, Inventory & Customer Data

  • Manage orders, delivery confirmation & tracking
  • Browse orders using numerous filters, viz., order/payment status, customer/company name, order date range, keywords, order tags, warehouse location, shipping method, by SKU, package and order views, custom tagging system
  • Shipping management
  • Customer management, order history, ship-to addresses, etc.
  • Automatic update when there’s changes in the available inventory level

Get Performance Reports & Customer Insights

  • Performance reporting and interactive dashboards using scheduler
  • Merchants can request settlement reports for items shipped in a defined period
  • Understand customer behavior using retail KPIs
  • Optimize your inventory with granular SKU level reports identifying bestselling / slow-moving products
  • Export your raw data to CSV

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Getting Started with Marketplace:
Your Questions Answered is an emerging online marketplace, that's challenging Amazon. And that's what makes it interesting.

It promises to offer the cheapest prices available on the web. Launched in July 2015, it has acquired in no time the status as one of the top competitors for Amazon. The shopping website uses a mix of money saving techniques and real time pricing algorithm to provide shoppers with huge discounts on products.

To know more about JET, and how it works, you can directly visit

The JET marketplace does NOT provide sellers with an administrator panel to manage their orders and inventory. expects sellers to opt for one of the following in order to manage their inventory:

  • Option 1- Develop your own backend, which actually means a skilled developer putting in months of efforts, in developing system and then some more effort in maintenance every month, since JET keeps updating and adjusting their API regularly.
  • Option 2- Take the help of third party companies that offer integration with JET. Opting for the service can be really expensive with fees, commission, etc., included as part of service contract.

This is why we are giving you the third option – InteList - A quick and hassle free way to start selling on JET marketplace straight away.

As I told you InteList is an intelligent product listing for It simplifies the task to create product listings, manage order, inventory and customer data, as well as help retailers keep a tab on customer behavior & sales through performance reports and customer insights.

Other than that, it is a product owned by SunTec India. We are multi-process IT Outsourcing Company located in New Delhi, India. We offer a wide range of IT support services, including eCommerce solutions, bespoke Software, websites, SmartPhone apps, and more. is our latest venture, to help eCommerce entrepreneurs quickly launch their merchandise, manage their inventory and orders on together with maintaining control of their offer and product flows.

Once you log in to your account, you will notice that JET does not provide an administrator panel to manage your inventory. JET wants sellers to develop their own infrastructure that is capable of handling orders, managing inventory and listing data.

InteList is an intelligent listing application program interface (API) that allows sellers to interact with their account. InteList helps you set up product feeds, list your products and also manage your product listings on JET. InteList has a ready-to-use panel that can connect you to your JET account, doing away with the need to build your own backend system or taking help from a third party company.

Apart from all these basic functionalities, InteList provides many additional features, like allowing sellers with order & inventory management, price modulation, and reporting systems.

In the next phase, we're also planning to fulfill JET orders via third party fulfillment solutions such as Amazon FBA, etc, which is not provided by JET and sellers are expected to develop these on their own.

It can be a bit tricky to get started with JET, however InteList can help you get things right.

Begin by following these steps:

STEP 1- Request for Jet partner account, if you do not have your JET merchant account yet. Always review and then sign the Jet Retail Partner Agreement and Policies. Account authentication may take anywhere between 1-2 weeks' time. Contact the Jet team if you face any registration issues. During the registration process, in the section where you have to fill in "How you will connect with JET marketplace?" select the 'other' option and type 'InteList.'

STEP 2- After you have received an approval and have JET Merchant account, you will need InteList account. You can register with us at

STEP 3- InteList support team will provide assistance to help you upload your product listings quickly and easily. We provide you with multiple options to import your products, including CSV file import.

STEP 4- It can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks for JET to review and approve your product listings. When your product listings go live, use the InteList administrator panel to manage your orders and inventory.

JET charges base commission at rate of 15% on most sales made using the platform. However, the rates can change, depending on the category to which the item belongs. For instance, appliance sellers on Jet pay a commission of 15% on all products sold under $300, whereas 8% on all products over the threshold limit.

InteList works via a monthly subscription business model with a free trial offer for 15 Days.

That means, you don't have to make long term commitments to join InteList, we provide monthly membership, and merchants can cancel their accounts anytime. We do not charge any upfront or setup fees, and no limitations on order amounts or InteList stored SKUs.

At present, InteList only focuses on helping sellers to sell on, but we are definitely working on adding more marketplaces to InteList platform.

We provide you with numerous ways to upload your products to our system, which includes a manual one by one entry, importing products from Shopify, Amazon as well as offering a CSV file import feature.

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